This blog post is a summary of a recent higher education project completed by Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS).

Background: In Spring 2015, a New York State higher education institution partnered with Research and Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS) to conduct a feasibility study to determine whether enrollment demand supports the development of (a) satellite education site(s) in a neighboring County to the college, and if so, what programs and training opportunities are in demand. The client wanted to better understand the current and potential market viability of the programs researched, allowing the college to make informed decisions regarding whether the programs have the capabilities to support the need for (a) satellite location(s).

Approach:  RMS conducted eight phases of research to gather the data necessary to provide the college with insights needed to make an insightful decision regarding satellite site viability. RMS staff conducted in-depth telephone interviews with local employers, economic leaders, and school district superintendents to determine workforce needs, interest in a potential partnership with the college, and potential satellite site locations for further investigation. To determine the college’s brand awareness and barriers to enrollment, RMS staff interviewed prospective students who had recently inquired with the college, but ultimately never enrolled. Prospective students were asked about their inquiry experience with the college, attendance at other higher education institutions, and the program in which they enrolled. To hone in on market demand for the current suite of academic programs, RMS completed a comparative analysis of demand in the region and the United States, using available labor supply and demand databases. The report included workforce data by industry for the applicable metropolitan statistical areas, the region, and the United States comparatively. Using data available from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), US Census, New York State Department of Labor (US DOL), and known competitive enrollment information, the RMS team estimated the additional enrollment potential that the college might reasonably expect to garner from a satellite extension expansion into the proposed County of interest.RMS staff also performed in-person site visits for several potential satellite locations to determine the most viable option for the college to further pursue, and drafted a high-level operational budget associated with establishing that satellite site.

Results: The RMS team analyzed data from all interviews to provide the client with a qualitative picture of brand perception, workforce need, and partnership potential. Findings revealed areas of opportunity for the college to capitalize on internal improvements, and guided other research components, such as site locations investigated and satellite site budget creation. The enrollment projection supported the establishment of a satellite location in the County of interest, and RMS was able to provide the college with an estimated enrollment figure that could reasonably be expected. RMS provided the college with a proposed plan to make the satellite site a viable option by finding ways to utilize established relationships with other educational institutions and local employers.

RMS is a full-service market research firm located in Syracuse, NY. If you are interested in conducting a higher education market research project, please contact Sandy Baker, our Senior Director of Business Development & Corporate Strategy at SandyB@RMSresults.com or by calling 1-866-567-5422. Visit our website at www.RMSresults.com.

How to Manage a Consumer Research Panel

Step #3: Growth

This post is the third in a series revealing the secrets of how RMS has had success with panel management. The first post discussed the importance of welcome calls, and the second post described quality control measures. This blog post will provide information on research panel growth strategies. At Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS) we have become skilled at panel management by creating and continuing to manage our own research panel called RMS ViewPoint.


When it comes to the size of a research panel, the key is to have enough respondents to make the data meaningful. Growth is a crucial component to effective panel management. More survey respondents often results in higher quality data (assuming they’re engaged participants-more on that here). Occasionally, members will unsubscribe after an invite to participate in a research opportunity, which happens for a variety of reasons. At RMS we call this drop off. In order to offset drop off, we constantly recruit new members to support steady panel growth. Every project has different needs, so we never know if we’ll need to reach out to a specific audience for a client. By having a diverse population of panel members, we can be confident in our ability to reach the client’s desired target market.

There are a variety of tools we use to reach potential panel members. A few notable ones are: social media, traditional media, attending events, creating recruitment contests for panel members, and general networking. We have found the most success by attending local events. This has allowed RMS to connect with and support other local businesses while also recruiting panel members from a population that mirrors the Unites States population as a whole. During the event we provide sign up slips, which are identical to the RMS ViewPoint sign up survey, and find creative ways to encourage attendees to sign up. One way we do this is to take a poll of attendees using a ballot as the sign up slip. Check out the picture below of RMS representatives at a local event!

Laci's Giveback Event-crop

The RMS ViewPoint Panel is a cost-effective solution for your next market research project. If you would like to learn more about using the RMS ViewPoint Research Panel, please contact Sandy Baker, Sr. Director of Business Development & Corporate Strategy at SandyB@RMSresults.com or by calling 1-866-567-5422.

Want to join in on the fun? The RMS ViewPoint Research Panel consists of thousands of consumers, just like you, who get the opportunity to be rewarded for sharing their thoughts and opinions! Are you a member of the RMS ViewPoint Research Panel yet? You can click here to sign up.


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The following blog post was written by Meghan House, CAHPS Associate at RMS.blog-tsa

A Telephone Survey Associate (TSA) is a fundamental part of any Call Center. From customer satisfaction to business lead qualification, a TSA is the face, or rather the voice, of the company. They are the persona that is portrayed each time someone is contacted on behalf the market research client, and that’s a big responsibility. Having the right person for the job is imperative to maintaining a high quality, well performing Call Center. Top-notch TSAs possess a few key attributes:

  • They know the client’s products and services- A strong TSA will “do their homework” and fully understand who it is they are representing. Understanding who the client is, and what job they are asking you to do for them, will better prepare the TSA to complete their calls.
  • They are detail driven-A TSA with good organizational skills and who is aware of project details is much more likely to be successful in completing the job efficiently and thoroughly than those that “glaze over” the finer points. TSAs must not only be able to communicate with the client’s contacts, but with fellow TSAs as well. They will frequently need to collaborate with colleagues to determine the status of a project, and must be able to effectively take notes that would allow another TSA to work with the information with little to no difficulty. Notes and abbreviations should be clear and easily understood.
  • They have good phone manners-A good TSA will understand the importance of phone etiquette. Proper greetings and closings, correctly addressing whoever answers the call, and asking the right questions at the right times are essential to conducting a successful phone call.
  • They are capable of multitasking-A crucial part of a TSA’s job is being able to accurately enter the information they are receiving from the other end of the line into a database, while continuing the conversation so there is no break in the “flow”. This keeps silence on the line at a minimum, and also makes the call time more efficient.
  • They are an active listener­-The ability to actively listen to who you are speaking with while performing the task at hand is pivotal to being a highly productive TSA. This allows the TSA to participate in the conversation, take down all pertinent information from the call, and complete any other task without losing focus.
  • They maintain a comforting tone of voice-Voice tone sets the stage for a call. If the TSA has a curt, sour sounding voice, then naturally anyone answering the call would not be as receptive to what the TSA has to say. However, if a TSA uses a cheery, clear tone, the person on the other end of the line will likely be much happier to speak with the TSA, even if only to hear what the call is about.
  • They are calm under pressure-TSAs may encounter projects with a deadline, a disgruntled person on the other end of the call, or changes in the project’s parameters mid-project. Being able to quickly and accurately adjust to the situation and still complete the task at hand is incredibly important.

Regardless of the project, having the right people on the phone makes all the difference. A good TSA should be focused, motivated, and have a positive attitude; that is what will make the difference.  RMS QualiSight employs a full staff of highly qualified TSAs. If you are interested in conducting a telephone survey or other market research project, please contact Sandy Baker, our Senior Director of Business Development & Corporate Strategy at SandyB@RMSresults.com or by calling 1-866-567-5422. Visit our website at www.RMSresults.com.

blog-pcmh-pediatriciansPediatricians associated with a practice that is a recognized Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) can now be awarded Maintenance of Certification (MOC) credit by the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP). MOC is designed by and for pediatricians to encourage lifelong learning, self-assessment, and a continuous commitment to quality. NCQA’s mission is to improve quality of health care through measurement, transparency, and accountability. Clearly, the organizations are aligned with their commitment to quality driven healthcare.

ABP announced that affiliated pediatricians will be awarded 40 points toward Performance in Practice certification requirements. This is in recognition of the quality improvement initiatives associated with PCMH practices, and designed to reduce the duplication of reporting requirements needed for both programs. It is estimated that 8,000 doctors can earn credit based on their PCMH recognition. NCQA has recognized over 10,000 practices as patient-centered medical homes, of which approximately one third are pediatric practices.

NCQA is in the process of redesigning the PCMH recognition program to better align reporting requirements with government regulators and other organizations, with the goal of streamlining practices’ reporting and giving providers more time for patient care. NCQA is also working with other certifying organizations to encourage them to award their members credit for PCMH recognition.

Are you a pediatrician thinking about becoming a Patient-Centered Medical Home? With key decisions to allow MOC credit for recognized pediatricians, this may be the time to move forward with your goals. If you are interested in pursuing PCMH recognition, RMS Healthcare can help you transform your practice, allowing you to take advantage of current and future incentives. We have successfully assisted pediatric practices in achieving recognition through NCQA, and are pleased to share this MOC update with you. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help your practice, please contact Susan Maxsween, Sr. Director of Healthcare Operations and Compliance at SusanM@RMSresults.com or at 1-866-567-5422.

blog celebration poster 500,000 views

Each of us at RMS had a hand in achieving the recent milestone. To celebrate, we each contributed a hand print to the poster, which now decorates our office!

Big news! We’ve received a half million views on the RMS Bunker Blog! A big THANK YOU to our current subscribers and readers. Haven’t subscribed yet? Follow the RMS Bunker Blog and stay on top of the latest industry trends! As you may expect, we love data, so we couldn’t resist the opportunity to highlight some of our blog statistics. The infographic below shows how far we’ve come, and that’s pretty exciting. Here’s to the next milestone!

In the spirit of research, we have a couple questions for our readers. We look forward to your feedback!

  1. What blog post is your favorite and why?
  2. What topic would you like to see covered more on our blog?



RMS is pleased to announce that we have been approved for a second year as a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) vendor of the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems® (CAHPS®) for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) survey! RMS is in its ninth year of CAHPS® survey administration, and is highly experienced in the collection of data and reporting.

Here are important dates to keep in mind if you are looking for a CAHPS® for ACOs vendor:

  • September 22, 2015— Deadline to authorize approved survey vendor
  • November 13-16, 2015 — Beginning of survey administration process
  • February 3, 2016 — End of survey administration process
  • February 12, 2016 — Submission of survey data to CMS by survey vendor

RMS has assisted hospitals, accountable care organizations, physician practices, home health and hospice agencies, and in-center hemodialysis facilities set a benchmark for current patient satisfaction in order to improve the overall patient experience. The following areas are covered in the CAHPS for ACOs survey:

  • Getting timely care
  • Between-visit communication
  • Provider communication
  • Health promotion and education
  • Access to specialists
  • Rating of provider
  • Shared decision-making
  • Patient resources
  • Care coordination
  • Courteous/helpful office staff
  • Health/functional status
  • Medication adherence

For more information about the CAHPS® for ACOs survey process, qualifications, and quality measures, click here.

RMS Healthcare is an approved vendor for the CAHPS® for ACOs surveying process, as well as five other CAHPS® surveys! In addition to CAHPS surveying, RMS Healthcare has a full complement of consulting services available within the healthcare industry. For more information, please contact the Senior Director of Business Development & Corporate Strategy, Sandy Baker at SandyB@RMSresults.com or by calling 1-866-567-5422.

This blog post is a summary of a recent project completed by Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS).

Background: In Spring 2015, a global manufacturing company partnered with Research and Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS) to conduct a B2B telephone survey with decision makers and buyers of their products. The client wanted to better understand the customer purchasing behavior and preferences of the company’s products for industrial applications.

Approach:  RMS utilized its in-house data center (QualiSight) and experienced B2B project telesurveyors to manage the blinded telephone survey research (the interview participant did not know the name of the RMS client). Although RMS is well-versed is developing telephone scripts, the client’s in-house research team crafted the survey used for data collection, allowing the client to harness their own internal strengths and save on the cost of the research. Once received, RMS programmed and tested the survey prior to implementation. The client provided RMS with a database of industry business contacts used for data collection. RMS can use lists provided by the client, but can also purchase business and/or consumer sample to conduct surveys of this nature. The survey was brief, and only took 5 minutes to complete. The quota of 100 telephone completes was met, and field work lasted approximately three weeks. The survey instrument included questions about the purchasing habits and key drivers for choosing local distributors over ordering direct from the manufacturer. Respondents were asked to identify 4 factors that are most important to their decision making process. Then, the CATI script was programmed to pit one against another in a trade off analysis to determine what matters most to the customer when deciding who to buy from.

Results: For this telephone surveying project, QualiSight staff collected and compiled the data into an excel spreadsheet in an agreed upon format with the client, but did not perform an analysis of the data. While similar projects may include a graphical report or require the purchase of telephone sample, the client was able to leverage their own internal expertise to use the data provided from this project to develop a report for their internal stakeholders. QualiSight has the flexibility to provide customized options to clients wishing to conduct a telephone survey project but might not have the internal resources to conduct a phone survey to complete the fieldwork. These clients choose to work with RMS QualiSight as their “back office” research team. Below is a quote from our client, explaining how the company utilized the findings from the project.

“Obtaining high quality and relevant feedback from decision-makers in our segments is difficult. We reached out to QualiSight as our data center to administer our survey and they exceeded our expectations. We used the data from the survey to help guide our global decisions on supply chain management as well as identifying improvement areas in the process that were most valuable to our market. By using a randomized phone survey and separate third-party vendor we were able to ensure a high confidence in the data we obtained with no sponsor bias. RMS did a great job for us.”

RMS is a full-service market research firm located in Syracuse, NY. If you are interested in conducting a telephone survey or other market research project, please contact Sandy Baker, our Senior Director of Business Development & Corporate Strategy at SandyB@RMSresults.com or by calling 1-866-567-5422. Visit our website atwww.RMSresults.com.


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